Saturday, February 2, 2013

2000 Doublewide with PRIME cornerlot in Southfork park in Denton.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE!!! Own this great 3 bed / 2 bath 2000 DOUBLEWIDE mobile home located in Southfork Mobile Home Park in Denton, TX (4937 Stuart Road, Denton, TX 76207 - Call or e-mail for Lot Number and Tour)

This home is HUGE, it is 1,408 Square Feet and is VERY open !!!  This home has a FANTASTIC KITCHEN, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Oven, Stove, Washer and Dryer ALL INCLUDED!!


CASH PRICE IS $31,762.50

We FINANCE WITH ZERO CREDIT CHECK!!! You can OWN your own 3 bedroom DOUBLEWIDE home for UNDER $970 per month (THIS INCLUDES HOME NOTE, LOT RENT, PROPERTY TAXES, AND INSURANCE). Flexible Terms and down payment - WE CAN WORK WITH YOU!!!

South Fork is a very nice (Family Friendly) mobile home park located right near the Denton Water Works on Loop 288.

Included in the Denton ISD School District.

Please e-mail ( -
preferred method prior to 5 PM) or call (940-735-0391) to schedule a home tour.


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